We are

We get our hands dirty to create, build, and maintain brands for our partners and ourselves.

As a brand think tank, we specialize in identifying consumer insights and market opportunities. From design to advertising to film production,
we help our partners create and position products and services that meet those opportunities by developing conventional and unconventional programs and pieces that attract the right consumers and build business in a meaningful way.

If you'd like to work with WeHolden, send us an e-mail or give us a call to discuss your brand. We typically partner with clients through retainer-based work, equity arrangements or work-for-hire projects.

Here's what we do:
Brand strategy, design & development
Social media strategy and execution
Digital Strategy, Design, and Development
Event strategy and concepts
Media Strategy
Retail strategy and concepts
Trade strategy and concepts
Film production and post-production
Hovercrafts (thanks, Kanye)

Here's who we do it for: